Thursday, April 30, 2009

So, the monitoring begins

I picked up my glucose monitor today. I've decided that the world is not going to end - I will accept this as a challenge, and look forward to getting rid of the monitor. I only have to check twice a week, unless things get worse - which I hope they don't - and if I can get the numbers back down I can stop. You see, while I've lost 35 pounds the last 2 years, and 11 the last 5 months, my blood sugar has gone up. It's because I have such a bad weakness for sugar and potatoes - especially fried ones - and while I was able to lose weight, I ate too many sweets and fries. That has stopped. I've had several good days - including today, even with the fried eggplant I'll be describing in the next post. Today I had a total of 104 carbs, spread out over all 3 meals, and I had good protein, fresh vegetables, fiber, and good fats. I figure if I write about this in my blog, it'll be hard to make excuses, and maybe I'll even have some support and advice.

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