Friday, March 16, 2007

Taking a Break From Food Blogging

I just can't do it right now. There will be no Soup or Stew Thursday or any other food blogging from me for a while. My job and my family are consuming my life - you all know about my daughter's struggles with ulcerative colitis, colon removal, and her ileostomy - and now there are complications. You all know about my husband's eye injury, and now there are complications. You all know about my work as a teachers' union president - and the complications continue to grow and grow.

I have to step back and prioritize my time - and this (Cookin' with Cyndi) has to take a back seat for a while.

For more information, and great reading, about our bargaining situation, go to Yucaipa-Calimesa Teacher, our blog-by-committee. (At least I'm still blogging!)

So for now, I'm logging off. I might visit some of you now and then to say hello!


Kalyn Denny said...

Cyndi, good luck with all those challenges. I agree completely that you have to prioritize your family and even your real job above the blog. I'm sure people understand that. I'm hoping things will turn out ok with your daughter and your husbands eye.
Best Wishes,

P.S. I finally figured out how to open the comment link in a new window so I could leave a comment here!

Harry and Eddie said...

We'll miss your great posts. Take care and good luck.

Dagny said...

Sorry to hear about the job situation. That totally sucks. Best of luck!

Sara said...

Take care Cyndi, hope to see you back one day!

Cate said...

Good luck with everything that's going on, Cyndi - hang in there. :)