Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy Hour at Slim Pig'n's

Yesterday was another long, long day, beginning with a meeting with teachers at one of our elementary schools, and ending with four of us conducting a “covert activity” during the back-to-school night at the high school. In between, there were hours and hours of phone calls, emails, and one-on-ones that just about sapped all my energy. Around 3:00, I decided I needed a little “me” time, and called DH to ask him to meet me at Slim Pig’n’s in Redlands for happy hour. He was glad to oblige, since he enjoys their home-brewed beer.

Slim Pig’n’s is a new restaurant in Redlands, owned by the same people who own the Marie Callender’s next door. It’s a combination brewhouse and barbecue restaurant, with some really great mixed drinks on the menu as well. The most popular item on the menu is the pulled pork sandwiches, but we’ve also enjoyed the pulled chicken, the beef brisket, the ribs, the barbecued chicken, and the hot links. They make a great tortilla soup, full of rich cream, something I’ve not had before in a tortilla soup. The appetizers are good, too, including the carnitas tamale, the beer-batter onion rings, and several different kinds of chicken and pork wings. A unique touch to the menu is the sweet potato fries, though I prefer mine without the powdered sugar they normally sprinkle on them.

Happy Hour is a treat for both of us--DH gets his draft beer at a reduced price, I get a wonderful frozen margarita, and we get several $1 pulled pork sandwiches and an order of onion rings to share. Yesterday I needed to just sit with him, not think about work, and de-stress for a while. After an hour, I was ready to go back to work, ending my day at 8:00 pm.

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