Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blogging By Mail - My Package Arrived!

Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness hosted this round of Blogging By Mail, where 89 bloggers signed up to send each other goodie packages. The package I sent out is somewhere between California and Singapore, but my package came this week–all the way from Germany!
I received a package from Lena - and it had some great goodies in it. I'll start from the left.

First, there are several packages of salatfix (salad dressing), including two flavors I've never had before - Mediterranean and Greek. I'm really looking forward to trying those, since I usually eat the garden herb and the dill flavors.

Next are some Mozartkugeln, or Mozart balls - I used to eat these when I lived in Germany, and Lena tells me that this is a confectionary that was invented in 1890 in Salzburg, Austria, where Mozart was born. Lena got these for me in Vienna.

The package on the top with the red bow is full of little cookies called Wibele. Lena says these are a traditional treat where she lives in southern Germany. (Lena, my husband was born in Augsburg, not far from where you live!)

The jar in the middle is homemade strawberry jam, made by Lena's grandmother. That will soon be all gone!

In front is a package of Tomato & Cheese-flavored crackers, which will be going to work with me tomorrow for lunch with some cream cheese.

At the top, tied with a yellow ribbon, is a package of homemade peanut butter cookies. I LOVE peanut butter cookies, and will have to keep these away from DH!

On the right is a package of Neapolitan cookies - the kind with hazel nut cream inside, a piece of white chocolate flavored with bourbon vanilla, and something very unusual (for me): a bar of chili pepper-flavored chocolate. I've seen this on the Food Network - chocolate with red pepper in it, but haven't ever eaten it. Now I get to give it a try.

It was so much fun opening this box! Thanks, Lena, for sending it, and thanks, Stephanie, for organizing this round of Blogging by Mail!


Stephanie said...


It looks wonderful; if you like the Mozart balls, you can order them from The Vermont Country Store. I just saw them in their catalog today!

And check back in a couple days for details about the next BBM.

Anonymous said...

Cyndi - I have been desperately looking to find a recipe for Wibele and I found your blog using a keyword search as it appears they were a part of your wonderful package from Lena. Would you possibly have any suggestions of how one might find a recipe or even better, be able to purchase Wibele in the US or have it shipped here?

Thank you!

Cyndi said...

Penny, I can't find a place to order them from. However, here's how to get a recipe. Do a google search for the 2 terms Wibele and rezept. When you get the results, make sure you click on English for the translation (unless you can read the German). I've found about 5 sites with similar recipes, and if you're using the English translation, "protein" is eggs. You whip them til very fluffy, add the remaining ingredients and bake at a very low temperature, kind of like you'd do a meringue. Hope this helps.