Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ruth's Shepherd's Pie

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In case you don't remember or are new to reading my site, I've been testing some of Ruth’s recipes for a cookbook she'll be publishing. As I was driving home from LA and State Council today, I decided we'd try her version of shepherd's pie. I called DH and told him to take some ground beef out to thaw, and was able to get it mixed up and cooked by 5:30. When I had told him last week that we were going to try shepherd's pie, he told me then, "I don't like shepherd's pie." I told him I'd never made it, ever, and he said," but it has lamb in it and I don't like lamb." After a bit of research, I learned that there are indeed versions of shepherd's pie that had lamb in them, but there are also versions that have venision, cubed beef, and other types and cuts of meat. Some have carrots and onions, and others have different kinds of vegetables. The common feature, though, is the mashed potato topping. Ruth makes hers like her mother did–like a meatloaf. She said that some people put corn in between the potatoes and the meat, and DH said he wanted his like that. This was a filling and tasty meal, accompanied by a salad and a couple of rolls.

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Patti said...

I never made a sheppard's pie, but that looks reaaly good! DH has been asking for more "comfort food" lately, I may have to try this one.
I posted an answer to your question over on my blog (about the containers).

Ruth said...

Cyndi, the photo looks great and I hope that DH actually enjoyed it.

Thanks for writing about it.

Michele said...

I just made a Shepheard's Pie tonight, yours looks yummy!