Sunday, January 08, 2006


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This is my 14-year-old neurotic but lovable dog, Pepper. She's half Golden Retriever and half black Labrador Retriever - hence the long hair like goldens, but the black color.

She's into people food. My daughter and I have fed her table scraps for years, and her favorites include rice, cheese, any meat scraps, and bread.

She's the biggest shedder--though we get her groomed periodically, and the groomer takes away tons of "under-fur," she still sheds all the time. But we love her anyway!

This is for Sweetnicks Weekend Dog Blogging!


Mary said...

Hi Cyndi,

Missy and Raffles are Flatcoated Retrievers. An old English breed not that common in other parts of the world, although they are sought after on the states.Raffles is 7 and does have a few hip problems but not so bad as to need meds. Missy is only jus two and is full of beans!

Cyndi said...

Thye are both beautiful dogs!