Sunday, March 12, 2006

Snow Pictures--Can You Believe this is Southern California?

It started snowing Thursday night. When I got up to go to work there was already 8" on the ground; luckily my Jeep and I made it down the mountain. When I tried to come home, I was stuck behind a line of cars on the straight stretch of Highway 38 just above Mountain Home Village--for an hour! I learned from the paper the next day that there were 25 different car accidents on the upper 38, so the Highway Patrol had closed it. Eventually our line started moving, and the policeman drove by using his bullhorn/speaker to tell us that the 38 was closed to all traffic except those who lived in Forest Falls and Angelus Oaks. Hooray! I could go home. This picture was taken about 5 pm from my front door, after we had about a foot on the ground.

It continued to snow all Friday night, and we woke up Saturday to about 20 inches. It snowed heavily all day Saturday, and I took this photo of DH talking to our neighbor Tom. Tom owns his own Bobcat tractor and does his own plowing. Occasionally he'll come clear out the berms that the big plow puts up behind the cars in our driveway. All DH did Saturday was try to keep ahead of the game by knocking down the bigger berms.

These are the steps to our deck, taken Saturday morning. It continued to snow Saturday night, and at 10 the thunder began. We know from past experience that when it thunders, we get popcorn snow. It's kind of like those little dippin' dots ice cream treats you get at the mall--lots and lots of them. We got about 3-4 inches worth of popcorn snow on top of the regular snow.

Pepper had great difficulty finding a place to do her business--everywhere she went it was up to her neck!

I spent about an hour this morning helping DH with the shoveling. I did the back yard area--cleared a path to the woodshed so we could get more wood for the fire, and then I did the steps leading down from the house to the street. DH did all the rest--he's a stud! He called me up to the deck and showed me how deep the snow was on the deck (after it had been cleared Friday morning of the first 8 inches!). It was about 16 inches--so my estimate of about 2 feet from this storm is right on.

It's snowing lightly again--we have another two inches on top of what we had when I took the photos.

I think we've had enough for now. Stop already!


Ruth said...

Holy Moly!!! What is the world coming to? Up here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada we should be seeing your kind of weather. Instead, we spent the weekend outside just wearing light sweaters and checking out all the budding trees.

Of course, they say we might get snow later this week, but....what a strange turn of events.

Thanks for sharing the photos.

mrs d said...

Okay. I had to come look. Good lord.

Poor Pepper. My pup sympathizes.

We had snow (but no sticking) on Friday, and today it was gorgeous out. One cloud in the sky and we actually managed to finish pruning the apple tree. So freaky.

Fran said...

Wow this is beautiful! Brings back lots of memories of growing up in Oklahoma. They have had bizarre weather too. 82 degrees this past weekend. Thank goodness we finally got rain in Phoenix.

Dagny said...

That is just way too much snow. Especially at this time of year.

cookiecrumb said...

Wow. It's beautiful, no doubt -- but such a lot of work.
I had never heard of popcorn snow! Scoop some up in a bowl and pour maple syrup over it. :D