Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Recipe from my Childhood Plus a Guilt-Free Dessert

Last week in North Carolina, my big brother Chuck and his wife Carol shared with me a recipe that I faintly remember from when I was a child. I remember the name, Pluto Pie, but not the actual dish. It sounded really tasty, and something that DH would like, so I wrote down the description as Carol and Chuck told me how to make it. I’m not sure mine’s exactly like theirs, but it’s got to be pretty close. It’s sort of like a pizza without the crust, and without the Italian seasoning.

Chuck and Carol’s Pluto Pie

3/4 lb. lean ground beef
1 8-oz. can tomato sauce
3/4 c shredded cheddar cheese
1/3 c sliced green olives
1 6-oz. can sliced mushrooms, drained
3/4 c shredded mozzarella cheese

Preheat oven to 350˚.
Pack the ground beef into the bottom and up the sides of an ovenproof 10” skillet. (You might be able to use a pie pan for this, too.) Spread the tomato sauce on top of the beef, top with the cheddar cheese. Sprinkle the olives and mushrooms on top of the cheddar, and then top all with the mozzarella. Bake 40 minutes; let stand 5 minutes before cutting into wedges.

I served this with a salad right out of my childhood–iceberg lettuce, tomato, and bottled French dressing.

DH’s verdict: delicious! I thought so, too. The olives give it all the salt it needs, and the combination of flavors is just divine.

For all you chocolate lovers who can’t eat sugar, here’s a sugar-free chocolate dessert I tried tonight. We both thought it was rich, and couldn’t tell it was sugar-free.

Mocha Cappuccino Pudding

4 t instant coffee or espresso granules
1 T very hot water
1 1/2 c cold skim milk
1 sm. pkg. sugar-free instant )
chocolate pudding mix
1/2 t ground cinnamon
1 cup Sugar Free Cool Whip
additional Cool Whip
Oreo cookie crisps (optional)

Dissolve coffee granules in water; set aside. In a mixing bowl, combine milk, pudding mix and cinnamon. Beat on low speed for 2 minutes. Stir in coffee. Fold in Cool Whip. Spoon into serving dishes. Garnish with a dollop of Cool Whip and cookie crisps if desired. Makes 4 servings.


Ruth said...

Wow it looks awesome. I'm just heading out to do a little grocery shopping and the cool whip is already on the list - everything else is here!

Thanks so much for the heads up!

Ruth said...

God it tastes gooooood!!! and that's just from licking my fingers while making it. We're actually going to have it for supper and I put one in the freezer to see if it actually comes out like ice cream. Wouldn't that be awesome!

Thanks again for sharing.