Sunday, May 13, 2007

Took the Fence Down

When we first moved into our house up here in the mountains, it had a fenced-in back yard. I would estimate about half of the homes here have fences and half don't. I like the don'ts. But we had a dog, so we needed the fence. Now this fence was in pretty bad shape all along the south side. Whoever built the house next to us, which is uphill from us, just dug out the hole for the foundation, and pushed all the dirt and rocks up against our fence. So through the years, the fence gradually leaned further and further into our yard until it was almost on its side. Last summer, a strong windstorm took down the back fence, which Don replaced because it's up against a small creekbed and we wanted to keep a little privacy.

Don decided he'd take the side fence down, and was getting ready to go to Home Depot to get more posts and wood to replace it. We sat and looked at the yard without it for a while, and thought, "you know, it looks much better without a fence there." In the front of the house, he'd built 3 terraces into the yard and had lined them with creek rocks, and with the fence gone, you could see 3 more terraces. The openness looks good, and when we use the barbecue grill, we don't feel closed in. He spent the fence money on plants, burlap netting for erosion protection, a new hose, and a few other whatnots that men find to spend money on at Home Depot.

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