Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yes, We Watched Football Today

Day 8 of "Carb Lite

But I also finished reading a good book, worked on my lesson for the girl I do home study with, played on the computer, and piddled around in the kitchen. So tonight we're enjoying some good TV (Without a Trace, 48 Hours Mystery, and Crossing Jordan). Tomorrow's a teacher work day, no students, so I plan to do some organizing in the office. My friend Patrick came Friday afternoon and put together two large bookcases, so I need to get all the mess off the tables and chairs and into the bookcases.

Dinner tonight was Chicken Paprika, served over whole wheat noodles, along with some German Cucumber Salad. As I finish the first 8 days of my self-imposed low-carb program, I guess I have to say I've done pretty well. On the good side I've managed to keep the carbs down, and except for two days, kept the calories down too. On the bad side, I've had too much fat and not enough fiber. Gotta work on that.

How do I add fiber without bumping up the carbs? Ideas?


Calories: 1892
Carbs: 179
Fat: 84
Fiber: 15
Protein: 107


Anonymous said...

it'll be tough since the most fiber comes from fruit & veg, those are carbs. sometimes balanced nutrition takes priority. if you added 2 medium apples you would add 6g of fiber & 145 (or so) calories. 2 pears would add 8g of fibre.

the watery veg don't pack a big fibre punch but 'leafy' ones like broccoli are good...2 cups frozen then cooked broccoli will give you about 10g fiber and only about 100cal.

roll with the health wagon :) good luck Cyndi! hope you are able to find your fiber groove

The Cookbook Junkie said...

I'm not sure how the numbers would add up but if you're eating whole grains, beans, and fruits and veggies that are low GI, you should be fine. You shouldn't overdue the protein either - we really only should be taking in 10 to 15% of our daily calories from protein so if you cut back on the meat and add veggies and whole grains, that should even you out.

Do as I say, not as I do LOL!

Ulrike said...

What do you think about adding some fresh sprouts?

Anonymous said...

Definitely dried beans. Here's a recipe I think you'd like; leave out half the carrots for lower GI; also note the sausage is "optional."