Saturday, June 17, 2006

Actually, we DON'T have a Settlement

Friday was an interesting day. Following numerous site meetings and many phone calls between members, the tentative agreement was rejected by our membership. We had the largest turnout for a contract ratification (70%) that we've ever had, and the vote was 61% to 39%. I have mixed feelings - I don't look forward to more months of negotiations, but this vote sends us back to the table in a pretty powerful position. We can say that it's not just the YCEA leadership that is insisting we get a decent cost of living adjustment, it's the membership, too.

I think this'll be the last time I post for a while - tomorrow night's graduation (my master's degree - whoo hoo!), and we leave early Monday morning for our first camping/fishing trip.

See you at the end of June!


Jennifer said...

Wow! 70% at a ratification meeting? That's fantastic.

Congrats on graduation!

Pamela said...

Congratulations with your graduation, have a great day!!

Enjoy your fishing trip!!

Patti said...

Congrats on the graduation! Enjoy your vacation, ours was great!

Kalyn said...

Oh, sorry to hear it, but maybe it will turn out better in the end.

Ruth said...

Congratulations on the Masters!!!