Friday, February 12, 2010

Taking a Break From Food Blogging - Again

Life events are just a bit overwhelming these days - it really sucks to be a teacher leader (I'm president of our local union) in California right now. Billions - no exaggeration - BILLIONS have been cut from public education, without any change in what is expected; so much sadness and so much fear among the members of my association. I hate to add that I'm also dealing with several member discipline issues where it is clear that the administration is overly-heavy-handed in its punishment. So with negotiations, budget cuts, bullies at the district office, 60+ pending layoffs (we only have 430 members) and abysmal morale, it's hard to go home and think about blogging about food.

I'm sure I'll be back. But right now my escape needs to be to quilting and stamping, where I don't keep gaining weight. : )

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susan said...

Hang in there, Cyndi. I teach in Reno, where our governor is proposing to slash our budget to the bone as well. He is so kind, however, that he has proposed a gift certificate program in which people who have 'extra' money can go to the DMV and purchase gift certificates that will go toward teachers' salaries. Sounds like a joke, doesn't it? If only. Expect the heavy-handedness to get even heavier as districts look for ways to get rid of people. Oh to live in a society where public education really matters! Hope to see you back soon!