Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday Morning Update - now with pictures

This is what we could see yesterday afternoon from Forest Falls. It's looking west down-canyon.

I'm still at home - the fire is burning easterly, which forced a mandatory evacuation of Mountain Home Village. It burned right to the edge of Highway 38; it's hoped that it will burn to the edge of last year's Thurman Fire where it will run out of fuel. As long as they can keep it on the northwest side of the highway everything should be okay for us. I read on the inciweb site that a voluntary evacuation was called for Forest Falls, but we decided to stay put. I called in for a day off - I could have gone to work but it would have taken three hours to get there (the drive down the 38 is about 20 minutes). I'm hoping they'll reopen the road tomorrow, so we can get out.

If you were looking south to the fire from Rim of the World High School, this is what you saw.

This picture was taken along Highway 38 about 8:30 last night.

Pictures were not taken by me. They're from


Sasha said...

Wow! I will keep you in my thoughts with hopes that you and yours are safe.

Pam said...

Cindi, I have been really busy since getting back from Scotland at the weekend and so have fallen behind with checking my fav blogs. I was shocked when I saw your pictures and heard what was going on.

Our thoughts are with you, hope you and your family remain safe!

Ulrike aka ostwestwind said...

I hope you are still safe. Alle meine Gedanken begleiten dich und deine Familie

Kalyn said...

So sad. I'm glad you are safe.

Patti said...

Wow Cyndi! So glad eveyone is safe. I have been behind in checking the blogs. Those photos are amazing.